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Admiralty Digital Charts - Updating

Updates to all Admiralty digital charts are available free of charge over the internet

There are several different options that suit different types of users. Admiralty offers all of these update methods free of charge to let the user select the most convenient for their situation.

Those who wish to create their own copies of Admiralty update media physical media may do so. This includes the ability to download and burn your own copies of Admiralty base and update disks. The labels can be downloaded and adhered to disks for ease of self service.

By downloading your updates via the internet you are free to move these to an ECDIS using which ever media you see fit. For some this may be using USB data drives or alike and choose not to keep selection of physical media such as disks.

Downloading your own media when required means that the mariner can take full control over what they choose to consume, and how they move and store this data.

 The Fully Managed Service

With our support, the e-Navigator service can be accessed to fully manage all your chart holdings.  This includes many extra services that e-Navigator offers such as passage planning, the ability to view the Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO), and future layers of additional information.

Admiralty e-Navigator Planning Station provides a simple, free-of-charge, holdings management and digital chart updating tool for use on a vessels back-of-bridge computer. It allows you to download missing official digital chart updates and data almost instantaneously using either an on-board internet connection or email access. You can also minimise data download costs by only downloading data for products needed on your current voyage.

We encourage new users of Admiralty Digital Products to use e-Navigator if they require free chart updating software. Users of the Admiralty Updating Service are encouraged to move to using e-Navigator Planning Station at their earliest convenience. 


ENC & ARCS Updates tailored to subscription

The Admiralty Updating Service (AUS) allows the user to download just the updates for their specific chart holdings and no further download necessary. It is a reliable and easily understandable tool that simply updates the charts you have purchased on license. Updates are published alongside the renowned Admiralty Notice to Mariners Service and are available online at the same time as the update CD is dispatched.

Service by Product

e-Navigator Planning Station:

Planning Station is an integrated application that allows users to manage and maintain their Admiralty digital products. It combines a digital catalogue, holdings management, ordering and viewing functions with the ability to download updates for your AVCS and ARCS holdings.

e-Navigator Fleet Manager:

Fleet Manager is an online interface that allows users to download updates for AVCS and ARCS via their licence record.

Admiralty Vector Chart Service Online Updating Service:

Our AVCS updating service (previously known as EOUS) is a desktop application that allows users to download updates in packages tailored to their ENC holdings.

Admiralty Raster Chart Service Online Updating Service:

Our ARCS updating service (previously known as AOUS) is a desktop application that allows users to download updates in packages tailored to their chart holdings.

Media discs – CD and DVD Supply

Your Admiralty Distributor will work with you to facilitate the delivery of physical CD or DVD media to a schedule that suits you.

Media discs – Create your own

The data on all of our physical media is available for download from our FTP site, complete with labels to download and print.

Base and update discs

We've created this download facility for users to create their own base or update CDs or DVDs, as required.

Digital Product Update Discs

The updates for our digital products are available via our public FTP download site using the following settings:

Username: ukhopublic
Password: Public12345
Note: The username and password details are case sensitive.


ADMIRALTY e-Navigator - Planning Station

Your all-in-one management system

With ADMIRALTY e-Navigator, managing paper and digital charts and publications is incredibly straightforward – which helps make life at sea safer and easier.

The e-Navigator service is free to use and provides users with the tools required to effectively manage and maintain their digital licences and holdings.

 Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager is a web-based application that allows users subscribed to the AVCS and ARCS services to download update data tailored to their holdings.

For more information on how to use Fleet Manager refer to the user guide or contact us.

Planning Station

Planning Station is a desktop holdings management and ordering tool that allows users subscribed to the AVCS, ARCS and ADP services to create working folios from their digital holdings.

This allows users to download a customisable selection of updates based on the current licence holdings. For more information on how to use Planning Station refer to the user guide or contact us.

Benefits of using Admiralty e-Navigator Planning Station

  • Mariners and shipping companies can enjoy many benefits from using Admiralty e-Navigator Planning Station:
  • Free-of-charge – Roll e-Navigator Planning Station out across your fleet at no extra cost
  • Easy Holdings Management - Organise, manage and track the status of your vessel’s holdings
  • Stay safe, up-to-date and compliant - Download official digital chart updates and chart data almost instantaneously
  • Paper Chart Management - Integrates and synchronises with some paper chart updating software produced by our partners and provides a simple paper chart management tool
  • Simple Voyage Planning - Identify all necessary charts and publications needed to navigate a planned route safely and compliantly
  • Order only the products you need, when you need them – Compare charts and publications needed with the vessel’s current holdings so that you only purchase what you need
  • View digital charts and products from the back-of-bridge - View purchased Admiralty digital products such as the Admiralty Vector Chart Service, Admiralty Raster Chart Service and the unique Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO) as well as tidal information from Admiralty TotalTide. Also displays with other non-Admiralty products such as IHS Fairplay World Ports Guide and DNV Navigator

Stay up-to-date, the easy way

Make sure you always have the most up-to-date, official information on-board with e-Navigator. Alerts help you identify the navigational information and updates you need to stay complaint, which you can then order direct through the system. In fact, you can download new electronic charts and updates whenever and wherever you need them – at any connected location around the world – putting the world of maritime intelligence at your fingertips

How do I get Admiralty e-Navigator?

For more information and advice about Admiralty e-Navigator, please contact us. Or call the UKHO in-house customer service team who are available 24/7 on +44 (0)1823 723366

Important Licence Information

Where ADP’s have been purchased in the past 12 months we will recalculate the order value before dispatching the licence and charging to customers card.

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